Preschool Party Games

Planning a birthday party for your preschooler? Party games are a great way to keep young children entertained and engaged in the party. Make sure every child gets a prize of some kind so every child goes home a winner!

Bean in Your Shoe

One player goes out of the room. A dried bean is given to one of the players to put in his or her shoe. Play some music and have all the players dance, each child pretending to have a bean in their shoe. The player that left the room comes back and tries to guess who has the bean in their shoe. If they guess right, the person with the bean in their shoe gets to guess next. If they guess wrong, they get to leave the room again and try again. If they guess wrong a second time, they get to choose who gets to leave the room next.

Hot and Cold

Have the players hide an object while one player leaves the room. When the object has been hidden, the player that left returns to the room and guesses where the object has been hidden. This player must move around one step at a time while the other players call out “Warm!” or “Cold!” or “Colder!” or “Warmer!” or “Boiling!” until the player finds the object. The closer they get, the “warmer” they are. The further away they get, the “colder” they are.

Lucky Number

Give each child five buttons. The players go from player to player, exchanging buttons with each other. They can give away as many or few as they want, but they cannot refuse buttons from other players. After approximately 2 minutes the leader calls “Stop!” The leader then calls out a “lucky number” between one and twenty. Whoever has that number of buttons wins.

Cat and Rat

This game is best for 10 or more players. The players hold hands in a circle. One player is the rat on the inside of the circle, and one player is the cat on the outside of the circle. The cat tries to break through the circle to get to the rat. The players in the circle try to prevent the cat from getting to the rat. When the cat succeeds in breaking through the circle, the players the cat broke between are the next cat and rat.

Balloon Race

Give each child a self-addressed postcard. Have the children dictate to an adult notes to write on their postcard that state they are having a contest to see whose balloon travels the farthest. Also ask that the location, date, and time that the balloon is found be written on the postcard by the person who finds the balloon and that the person drop the postcard in the mail. Place the postcards in ziploc bags and attach them to the balloons. Set a date for when the contest ends, and launch the balloons!

Farm Animals

Secretly give the name of a farm animal to each player. The leader yells “Go!” and each player acts out their animal at the same time. At the end of 2 minutes, each player calls out as many of the animal names as they can remember. The player that remembers the most animal names correctly wins the game.

Dog Bone

All players are seated in a group. One player is selected to be the dog. The dog sits with his back to the rest of the players. A bone (eraser, ball, or some other object) is placed on the floor behind the dog’s back. One at a time, each player tries to sneak up behind the dog and steal his bone. If the dog hears a sound from the player trying to sneak up behind him, he “barks” and the other player returns to their seat. If someone is successful in stealing the bone, that player returns to their seat and hides the bone. All of the players then say, “Dog, Dog, where’s your bone?” The dog has three chances to guess who stole his bone. The person who stole the bone gets to be dog next.

Break the Balloon

Each child receives a balloon. The first child to blow up their balloon and pop it wins (show the children how to tie the balloons before the game begins).

Blind Man’s Bluff

Choose one child to be blindfolded. Let the child wander around the room until they touch another child. The blindfolded child tries to guess who they have touched. If they are correct, the other child gets to blindfolded next. If they are wrong, they get to be blindfolded one more time. If they are wrong a second time, they get to choose who gets to be blindfolded next.

Penny Dropping

Give each player 5 pennies. Place a jar on the floor behind a chair. Have the players take turns kneeling on the chair and trying to drop their pennies into the jar. Their hand should not go lower than the top of the back of the chair. Whoever gets the most pennies in the jar wins the game.

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Teaching Kids About the Fruit of the Spirit: Devotional for Children

“But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, he will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control;” Galatians 5: 22

Because we live close to the Rocky Mountain foothills and the altitude is so high in Calgary, we have to adapt our gardening habits. Backyard green houses are very common or garden frames. I can get a head start on my gardening if I start my plants in the house in early spring or buy young plants at the end of May.

This last March I was very impatient. I wanted spring to come and decided to help it along by starting my plants, in the house, way too early. By the end of April the dahlias were already two feet tall and my oriental lilies were already blooming on my kitchen table. When I finally set my dahlias out they blossomed beautifully all summer and even now are displaying huge saucer size colorful blooms. But my oriental lilies died off within a week leaving the green stems to remind me of my impatience.

One spring I was fascinated by the scarlet flowered beans that grow to the top of the fence. I started some on my window sill. They sprouted so quickly and their tendrils curled all over my chairs and TV trays in the dining room window. By May the snow was gone and the sun was shining brightly. When I got up in the morning it was at least 10 degrees centigrade. The bean tendrils were already three feet long and I knew I was trying my husband’s patience with my inside garden.

Then and there I decided I too had had enough of these plants invading on my dinner plate so next morning out they went. I knew better. I know you’re supposed to harden your plants off before you plant them outdoors but it’s such a tedious procedure. First you set the plant out on the patio in the sun for a very short time and then take it in. The next day you put it out longer and every day a little longer until it gets used to the outdoor coolness and atmosphere. Then you can finally plant it. Even then you may have to cover it on cool nights and cooler days. I had lots of writing to do and decided to just plant them against the fence. For a couple of days I had beautiful green bean plants running up my poles but slowly most of them just shriveled up and slowly died.

This hard, time consuming work of tending vegetables and flowers makes me think of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We try different tactics to sprout and grow them ourselves our lives. We even have some success.

Just like my plants that did so well in my warm sunny kitchen we can display symptoms of the fruit of the Holy Spirit as long as we practice them in a controlled environment. It’s easy to show love to others and be patient with people as long as everything is peaceful and we are in control. But then things start going wrong. We get super busy and run out of time. We get frustrated and go back to our old habits of blaming others for my problems.

Sometimes we try so hard and it seems no matter how many different tactics we try, no fruit appears. That reminds me of the Lily of the Valley roots I purchased and not one of them grew. Even my young Peony plant was stunted in its growth. This time I knew I wasn’t too blame for failure. I had to look further and realized I had bought these roots on sale at a hardware store. They just weren’t healthy roots. I promised my self to buy all of my roots and bulbs at the renowned garden centre next year.

At times we too forget the source of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We even attempt to grow these fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control relying on our own strength. Or just like my young tender plants that I set out too early and a touch of frost kills them; outside influences overcome our good inclinations.

Only the Holy Spirit can grow the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We need to be close to God, spending time with Him in prayer and reading His Word and obeying Him as He leads us. It’s only yielding to Him that brings godly fruit into our lives.

Bible Truths to Share with Your Kids:

In the Bible we read about fruits of the Holy Spirit that God wants to grow in our lives. These fruits are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Probably most kids, even you, would like to have these characteristics. We all try to live these values. But it’s hard to always love, or be good or self-controlled when things aren’t going our way or we are tired or some one is giving us a hard time.

Well, I have news for you. God doesn’t even want you to try to be these things all by yourself in your own strength. He wants to grow these characteristics in you. He does that when you spend time with Him.

Just like you are influenced by other kids when you spend time with them and become kind of like them, you are influenced by God when you spend time with Him and become like Him.

You can spend time with God by reading the Bible and listening to what He wants to say to you. You also spend time with Him when you pray to Him or when you go to a Bible Study or Prayer time at church with your friends. The more time you spend with God the more fruit the Holy Spirit produces in your life if you let Him.

Jesus says He is like a vine to us and we are like the branches of that vine. The branches get life from the vine so we bear fruit that the vine bears. We are blessed to be chosen by the God of the universe to be in such a close relationship with Him.

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Ruth is the author of a children’s Christmas book, A Christmas Present for Goliath, the touching story of a camel whose life is changed forever when she carries her master across the desert to visit Baby Jesus. Ruth is also the author of The Lion Tree, a Christian fantasy novel for children, and a free e-book guide for parents, called How to Introduce Your Child to Jesus – Their Forever Friend. You can get your copy of this free guide and learn about Ruth’s other products by visiting her website,

Exploring - Knowing Yourself For The First Time




Are you recently divorced, widowed or on your own for the first time and trying to figure who you are and what makes you feel good?

1. Being scared is a natural part of the process.

* Don’t let being afraid scare you. Anytime you do something for the first time it is daunting.
* The process of getting to know your Self – possibly for the first time – can be overwhelming.
* In the past, you have most likely defined yourself by being with someone else. Now it is just you that needs to be pleased.

2. Acknowledging and accepting the fear allows you to be brave.

* What’s the big deal? So what if this is the beginning of the process – at least you are beginning and it can only get better from here.
* Real bravery is only possible when you are scared, otherwise, what we call bravery is really machismo.
* Feeling scared but doing it anyway will give you self-esteem and self-respect. We feel this way every time we do something that initially scared us.

3. This is a perfect opportunity to try new things.

* Experiment. Put everything into the practice category.
* A woman stopped a man on the street in Manhattan and asked him, “How can I get to Carnegie Hall?’ “Practice, practice, practice”, said the man.
* How can we figure out what we like, what works for us, unless we try different things?

4. Give yourself permission to not know for a while. No one’s keeping score.

* Cut yourself some slack. Getting to know your Self takes some time.
* It is a process that happens in the moment and incrementally. Sometimes we immediately know what works and other times the more we do something, the better it feels.
* Allow the process to unfold naturally and don’t be impatient.

5. You know what you want by knowing what you don’t want.

* Do you know the difference between a road map and a boat map? A road map tells you where to go but a boat map tells you where not to go.
* Sometimes we learn who we are through a process of elimination – not this, not this.
* The only real mistake is sitting this one out, not participating. Surrender to the process and have fun exploring.

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